Saturday, September 04, 2004

Our excitement of the week

Our dog, Ginger, has been restless the last four nights. She never barks, unless there is a darn good reason. Last night after 9 pm we had a knock at our door... it was the neighbor west of us letting us know that his son (13) had been on their trampoline and he saw a mountain lion crouched on our hill, watching him. We brought Ginger and the PigWeet in, but left the barn cats to their own defense (hiding!). Rembrandt then said she had seen a big cat down the road that had the coloring of a mountain lion, but was about the size of a bob-cat.... and she thought perhaps it was a young mountain lion, though the young ones are usually spotted, like a bob-cat, rather than the solid color she reported.

The neighbors to the east also had the flood lights on in their yard last night, which they *never* do, so I suspect they've sighted something too. I'll have to check tomorrow. The game department will send out a tracker... until we get the all clear, the little ones will not be playing outside. The last child that got attacked around here (by coyotes) weighed 80 lbs... I don't think my three little ones weigh that much combined!

I hope they don't have mountain lions and coyotes in Ohio... Well... as long as Ginger goes with us, I don't fear coyotes... but she's no match for a big cat...

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