Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My daughter, the Chef

Rembrandt made up something really yummy.
I'm not sure exactly how she made it, I'll have double check with her when she's awake tomorrow morning... but...

She drizzled a flour tortilla with a bit of honey, sprinkled it lightly with shredded coconut, and fried it, coconut side down, in a bit of canola oil (probably about a Tbsp, maybe a bit less) ... just when the coconut began to brown lightly, she flipped them and fried the other side. The honey kept the coconut in place during frying. They tasted deliciously like a coconut baklava.

Teenagers are so much fun to have around!


Zelie said...

Ooo, that sounds yummy! I love finding new, simple recipes with few ingredients! (less chance we will be allergic to it that way)

Jenny Sherman said...

I love your Blog! And thank you so much for your positive outlook on children and teenagers. I too have many daughters. I love reading here!