Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ugly Things

"Opinions divorced from knowledge are ugly things." - Socrates

Calling all readers who love to do Women's Bible Studies

Imagine you were in a church, possibly grew up in it, that never did a woman's Bible study before. Which of these studies below do you think would be a good start?

I'm thinking of doing Partow's 90-day thing on my own, so I'm leaning towards the bottom three books for the study group. Any opinions out there?
Donna Partow guides stressed-out women through a 90-day odyssey that provides a doable plan to revamp all areas of your life. Rediscover the importance of Scripture memorization, daily prayer, healthy eating, and exercise to restore balance and well-being to your life. In her signature style, Donna Partow encourages and instructs women by combining solid biblical teaching and stories from her life. Written for the busy, often stressed-out woman, this practical, doable plan provides insight and ideas to regroup and renew all aspects of her life. Memorizing Scripture, spending time in prayer, eating healthy, and exercising are all part of the achievable plan laid out in one handy volume for readers to follow.
One of the most elusive qualities in our world today is peace. We are hurried, pressured and stressed. Relationships have broken down. We have fears, anxieties and unanswered questions. Lynn Stanley has provided a thoughtful look at the reasons for our lack of peace and the answers found in God's Word. Jesus promised us peace. Using commentary, Scripture - KJV and NIV included - and practical application questions separated into 5 days, this study shows how to appropriate His peace and live it out in our daily experience.
Satan is a liar. When women become entrapped by his lies their spiritual lives, marriages, and emotional well-being suffer. Through her many conferences, Nancy Leigh DeMoss has witnessed the many different and damaging ways these lies destroy women's lives. This companion study to Lies Women Believe will help women go deeper into God's Word, walk more fully in His grace, and experience the joy of the abundant life Christ promised.
Elizabeth George lets women know that loving the Lord involves action! Focusing on six main scripture passages, she helps readers understand what it means to truly let your mind think on what is true about God and about life, grasp and move toward God's purpose for life, and trust the Lord in all things. Drawing on biblical wisdom as well as personal experience, Elizabeth helps women handle their emotions and discover inner peace that comes from focusing on what is true. She shares six powerful Bible truths that will help readers draw closer to God and know His joy and love.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Churches Closed for Christmas

(Rant on)

Oh, this is so silly. The church is supposed to be our family, so why not spend time with our church family on Christmas? Church lasts...what... 1-3 hours tops? There's still 21-23 hours left of Christmas Day to spend with other loved ones and family... what they really want is more time to spend with their STUFF.

"Should we open presents before or after church? If we open before... we won't have time to play. If we open after, we'll be too excited to concentrate on worship... I know, let's just nix the worship and get to the "important" STUFF."

It's not the "spending time with family" thing... but that sounds better. Somehow most of us are able to combine church and family on Easter... so why can't it be combined on Christmas? Oh yeah... it's not really the family they need time with... it's the STUFF.

As if today's "Church" needs more encouragement to be self-centered and narcissistic....

(Rant off)

Friday, December 16, 2005


The Amy who loves books recently wrote an eloquent review of the children, the witch, the wardrobe (and a lion) .


(I am valiant, brave and loyal. While I may have a silly name, I help others in the face of adversity and always uphold what is right.)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wonderful update from Melissa

She was able to write it herself! Please click on the Caring Bridge link in the previous post, or Melissa's heart on the right. And please, please, keep praying! Thank you so much for your prayers thus far.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Please pray for my friend Melissa and her sweet family.

Caring Bridge site for Melissa Snow

She recently had a sweet baby boy after six daughters. Last Sunday she woke up from a nap with a numb arm and everyone suspected stroke. It turned out to be a tumor in her temporal lobe. She is having multiple seizures, and she is losing the use of her limbs. She is unable to nurse or hold her sweet new baby. The tumor is inoperable due to a main artery running through it, and doctors say radiation is no longer an option. They are consulting with a top neurosurgeon today, and will basically follow his advice. Things do not look hopeful. A miracle is needed.

I was looking forward to hearing her adventures on raising a boy after all those girls. It breaks my heart to think of her never getting to watch her sweet prince grow up... and of him not knowing his very special mama. Please pray for a miracle.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Crumpet and the Fallen Snow Man

Wednesday, December 07, 2005