Monday, August 27, 2012

Chore Time

In the morning I put up all the chores on the dry erase board that need doing that day, minus the ones I plan to do myself.   One by one the Middles pick one (put their initial by it) go do it, then come back and erase it.  The Littles get to pick whose helper they are going to be.  Twenty-one chores divided by three Middles is seven chores each (the pets have already been done and erased). So the theory is that after one has claimed, done, and erased seven chores, they can quit.  This is meant to inspire speed... faster workers get first pick... slower workers get stuck with the less desirable chores.  However, there are usually one or two kids who just keep going until everything is done and erased, and one slower child who only has to do a couple of items.  :)