Monday, September 20, 2004

Goings on in BlogLand....

Zelie has not written anything lately. After almost a daily dose of "something to think about" last week, she has left us high and dry. Of course, she is freshly pregnant, and probably a wee bit queasy when faced with a monitor, not to mention probably needing naps by now... but I do miss her posts.

When I have a moment and a cup of coffee, I'm thankful there is this cozy spot on the web. I love to sit down at Pamela Spurling's virtual kitchen table and glean from her thoughts. If you don't subscribe to her "welcome home" newsletter, I highly recommend it. The last one was very convicting and eye-opening for me.... and very inspiring... as her newletters always are!

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Zelie said...

Whoops! How did I miss this!! Thank you for missing me! It was a combination of things...mostly "pg brain lack of inspiration" but we also were busy cleaning, the computer kept crashing, etc. I know my posts will lack any real substance for awhile but I hope that doesn't drive you away, lol. :)