Monday, September 13, 2004

Back To School After a Laze About Weekend

Last night I ordered Where
Brook and River Meet
from CadronCreek for Barrett. She loves "old-fashioned" stories and poetry, so I think it will be a really good fit for her. Until it arrives, we will be using SOS. I found I own a lot of the required books... but I have already packed them. ;oP Lazy me went and spent $3 at Ebay for another copy of the 1987 Bantam paperback copy of Anne of Green Gables, rather than open up ten of the possible moving boxes it's packed in. I'm hoping I did not already pack The Hidden Art of Homemaking (Schaeffer) and The Way Home (Pride)... I have two copies of The Way Home... so it's possible I left one unpacked.

Rembrandt is still doing LIFEPACS 9th grade, though she has asked to switch back to Apologia for science, and Singapore for math. I did already pack those, but they may not be in a box that is sealed, so I'll check through the three boxes that are open later today.

The Rose is thoroughly enjoying all of the cutting/pasting/coloring required in the Rod & Staff preschool workbooks. She can now read the first four Bob Books and we are still making our way through 100 EZ Lessons. She's a bit weak on the alphabet and counting, so yesterday I picked up some alphabet/number/color flashcards for $1 at Target. I also have some letter tiles, which she uses to spell the words learned in the Bob Books.

The Princess wants to do school and I had her doing Christian Light's "About Three", but it is still way beyond her. She just colors where she wants and is not ready to follow instruction, so I gave her Emma's old copy to scribble in when she wants to "do school" and we'll save hers to try again in a few months.

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