Thursday, August 26, 2004

We went to the park yesterday and The Rose got to play with her Patrick. Afterwards they came to our house, because I had some books and collectible dolls for Patrick's Mama to take with her and list on Ebay. When they left, Patrick would not say good-bye to The Rose, though he did give a wave and a "Bye" to The Princess. Patrick was really just wanting to *go home* and did not want the fuss of good-byes... but The Rose was tickled pink. The reason being, when she does not want to leave her friends, she will not say good-bye... so she think's Patrick's refusal to tell her good-bye was evidence he didn't want to leave her. :)

Today I have been washing walls in the empty classroom/office which is to become the master bedroom. Hopefully we can get it painted this weekend, and then start work on the walls of the playroom, which is to become the bedchamber of She Who Triumphs. I picked Sherwin Williams "Springtime" for our master bedroom, and "Daybreak" for the other room. He Who Is Steadfast thinks they are the same color, but when they go up, he will see they are different. I think.

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