Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I re-did my anniversary ticker

... I went to DaisyPath and re-entered my anniversary date, and created a new ticker, than I edited my previous post with the new ticker code... but it's still showing today is my anniversary! In truth, we were married September 1st, 1989 and are celebrating 15 years tomorrow with dinner and a movie. We were going to go away for a couple of nights to a hotel up the coast, but The Cloud Factory rescheduled their Outage from last month to begin September 1st instead and Steadfast is needed on the job front. Grandma called to ask if she gets to have my girls for our anniversary, so Steadfast and I will be out *without kids*!

I'm off to Vons to buy..

Orange Juice
Chocolada Horchata
Coffee Filters
and Milk!

I think we need bread too. We could do with our own dairy! All of these dairy addicts here who can't even tolerate dairy...

1 comment:

Zelie said...

Happy Anniversary -- hopefully I got it right today! Hope you have a great day. :)