Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Rose's Latest Plans

The Rose (4): There is a little bee in our garden. When we were at the campground and Papa and I went walking across the meadow, we saw lots of bees.

Mama (38): That was a pretty meadow wasn't it? With lots of wildflowers and green grass.

The Rose: Yes, I want a pretty garden when Patrick and I get married and have babies in our house with blue and yellow hearts on it. We can have a garden with green grass, no stickers. We can grow corn, and tomatoes... And sunflowers. No roses. Roses have stickers that stick the babies.

Our lawn is sunburned and burdened with stickers... at this time we can boast of no flowers, with the exception of roses. Do you suppose she wishes to wed simply to flee our unsightly garden? :)

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