Wednesday, August 18, 2004

She Who Triumphs amused herself with Hello Kitty's Cutie World on my laptop tonight. It was the first moment in time that I permitted her to utilize it (no qualms, it's underwritten to the hilt) and she was so delighted. She did not know what to do, but she took pleasure in gazing at the rose-colored display and the endearing kitty while clasping the mouse.

The Princess damaged no more than two possessions today. She decapitated The Rose's beloved ballerina Barbie and unraveled about 60 rows of a wool cushion I am... er... was... knitting. Otherwise, she has been simply charming.

The Rose is still planning to walk down the aisle with Patrick. She said they are going to get married when they are five and they will both be five in ninty-sixty-four hours. She said Patrick made a heart with their names in it, because he loves her. In point of fact, Patrick can't seem to commit The Rose's given name to memory... but that may change once they are married. In any case, they have not glimpsed each other in seven or eight months.... recollectons grow fainter.

I still do not know what to dig up for Dear Nephew Number One's birthday.

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