Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Where I've Been

A friend lost her husband suddenly last week (aneurysm).

Steadfast was going to be in Georgia one week, home one week, in GA one week, but after a couple of days he found out it was four weeks straight in Georgia and he won't be back until February 10th. He did get 48 hours home this weekend. So I'm going through all the following alone....

My new van broke down on my way to pick up my asthma meds, my cell phone died, and no cops came along to help, and no one stopped to help in hours of rush hour traffic and me with five scared kids in the car ... it turned out no cops came by because there was an accident a block away (middle of nowhere, so the block was 1/2 mile) and I found out the accident involved the friend who lost her husband. She is in the hospital with her leg broken in three places, and she had to miss her husband's funeral.

My mom had an appointment this morning to find out if the lump in her breast is cancerous. The appointment was 5 hours ago, and I haven't heard anything yet. She does have a cell phone and she would be in a hurry to call me if everything is okay, so I won't worry. So, since she hasn't called, I'm worrying.

And 10 days ago I had my seventh miscarriage. I was almost due around the same time as my sister-in-law... The Princess and her first child were 8 days apart.

I did finally get my asthma meds when I took my sister home this afternoon. It feels good to draw a clear breath.

My realtor stopped by and asked when I'm going to have everything packed, and whether I will be finished painting the downstairs in time to show the house in a week. She already has other agents with buyers chomping at the bit to see our house.

And I don't know what is the next thing I should do... I know I need to get everything packed before I can paint. I have half-packed boxes everywhere, and I feel so overwhelmed.

We've had some landslides on the hill behind our house, and I hope they don't discourage potential buyers. The hill is stable, it's just the burned top-soil that slid...

And yesterday Steadfast called to say his boss wants us to move to Georgia, instead of Ohio after planning nearly a year toward Ohio... (and I was just about to write a sobbing e-mail to Denice) and then he called to say Ohio is back on. We're moving by April... but where????

My kids are sick and my two in diapers are having a diarrhea day. Yippee.

And I've had two separate crises involving both of my sisters that I just edited out case they read my blog...

And I still hate these font colors, but I have not found time to change them. Sorry if they hurt your eyes too.

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