Saturday, February 19, 2005

Long Live the Mommy Blogs!

You may think we mommies are sitting here spewing drivel about sick kids and soccer practice. You may think we're too wrapped up in tooth fairy visits and diaper rashes to take a worthy part in society. However, you are wrong. The white liberal intellectuals have a higher than average abortion rate, while there are many conservative Christian mommies out there having more than 1.8 children (hey... Even more than four... Or six... Or eight!). Simple demographics can tell you who will someday rule the world.... The hand that rocks the cradle of course! These simple mundane little blogs are just disguises for our battle stations. We are on active duty, educating and training the next generation that will some day outnumber the child-free in the voting booths. We're already gaining. ;o) We are fearless, we are undaunted, we embrace motherhood with our whole hearts, and if you don't like our mommy blogs, you don't have to read them... But we'll still be here encouraging other mommy blogs... Reading other mommy blogs... Linking to other mommy blogs... Because they represent the noblest and greatest of causes...

Here Mr David Brooks has written an excellent article, but his summary is off. So very far off... The New Red-Diaper Babies

We're not too busy to fight the cultural war. We're on the frontlines.

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Amy said...

Here here! Or is it Hear hear! LOL What she said! Wahoo for the mommy blogs!! :)