Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's official

My mom does have breast cancer.

She is scheduling an appointment with an oncologist and they will run tests to see how far it has spread, and they will start her on chemo right away.

I just can't stop crying. Steadfast is still in Georgia, my kids are still sick, I still have to have my MRI and nuclear stress test done, we still have to put our house on the market... how can life keep going on like normal?

One thing that scares me, is that no one in my mom's family has ever had cancer, so I have been kind of flippant about my own risks. I had a breast tumor a few years ago, and it was benign, and I guess I just thought, that's that. Now it means that my sisters and I have a higher risk for breast cancer... because our mom does.

Go get your mammograms ladies. Why not? So your cups are turned into saucers for a few minutes. They'll get over it. It's so much better to face things in the face early, and beat them, then to wait too long and let them get a grip on you.

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Teresa said...

I have been reading for a long time, and just took a few minutes to re-read old posts. My mother JUST found out that she TOO has breast cancer. And I fit into that same category...all of a sudden, I am at greater risk for breast cancer. I, too, really thought that I didn't need to worry. Anyway, we are plugging through. My husband has MS, not me. Just thought I would comment.
Teresa in Memphis