Friday, February 25, 2005

Late Night Highlights

Tonight Elizabeth and I went to movie night at church (ladies only) and we watched "Return to Me". I had remembered how much that movie made me cry, but I forgot how much it made me laugh. It does a body good.

More things that "made my day" while up late in the quiet sleepy house with the dishwasher humming and swishing away...

Kathy expressing herself.

Chris has another room down. (I love that feeling of getting another room down!)

Carolyn dispells homeschooling myths.

I really dug into Amy's Brain Food

And this isn't a blog, but it's pretty cool: Epic Reality


Lori said...

Yes, true you are not just born with patience. I understand what you are saying. I am really so ignorant in the field of children as I have only just begun and not been at it long. (I have a girl who just turned 3 and a boy who is 17 months). I am enjoying your blog, you have much joy to spread.
Thanks. You lighten my day.

Hind's Feet said...

Lori, raising the first ones under five is really the hardest time, too. Once you get some older ones in there (who, simply by existing, keep the younger ones entertained), things get a lot easier. ;o)

~m2~ said...

i just watched *return to me* this weekend; i adore that movie for so many reasons, but find myself fast-forwarding through the beginning because it drags a bit...

my favorite line from that movie is when carroll o'conner says to minne driver: it's the character that's the strongest God gives the most challenges, ain't that the truth?