Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I re-did my anniversary ticker

... I went to DaisyPath and re-entered my anniversary date, and created a new ticker, than I edited my previous post with the new ticker code... but it's still showing today is my anniversary! In truth, we were married September 1st, 1989 and are celebrating 15 years tomorrow with dinner and a movie. We were going to go away for a couple of nights to a hotel up the coast, but The Cloud Factory rescheduled their Outage from last month to begin September 1st instead and Steadfast is needed on the job front. Grandma called to ask if she gets to have my girls for our anniversary, so Steadfast and I will be out *without kids*!

I'm off to Vons to buy..

Orange Juice
Chocolada Horchata
Coffee Filters
and Milk!

I think we need bread too. We could do with our own dairy! All of these dairy addicts here who can't even tolerate dairy...

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sunday, August 29, 2004

When will I learn??

Last week I noticed The Rose's hair was thinning. I worried what could be wrong? Likely some vitamin or mineral defiency, but which one?? She eats so well. This weekend I noticed The Princess' long curly locks appeared shorter, but it's hard to tell with curls. I tried to make a pony tail and realized they were barely long enough. The Princess had thinning hair too! What contagious ailment was striking my babies???

Then I noticed The Princess had very short bangs... she never had bangs before... then I realized The Rose has been carrying around a pair of purple safety scissors in her pink purse... Then I vacuumed under the sofa cushions and found lots of blonde and brunette locks stowed there...

Four Year Olds!!!! Having had two previous Four Year Olds play beauty parlor... having had several friends who's Four Year Olds have played hair stylist... having once taught a bevy of Pre-K students in my B.C. (Before Children) days... a class that regularly had an embarrassed mom bringing her darling child to class with sadly butchered locks with the explanation "she tried to cut her own hair".... Having just last month wondered when my Four was going to locate a pair of scissors unattended...

How could I have forgotten???

Oh, their beautiful uncut curls... oh, their long lovely locks... :o( I've very glad to know it's not their thyroid... or lack of biotin... or iron...

But oh, their hair!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Changing Nicknames

I've decided to give my family shorter nicknames, to make them quicker to type. :)

She Who Was Promised, our Dutch-born artist, will become Rembrandt
She Who Is Blessed, our Poetess, will be Barrett

I haven't figured out the rest... The Rose wants to be Princess... The Princess herself is often called Sweetpea... and She Who Triumphs is called Peanut in real life, though I have always disliked Peanut as a nickname... yet, with her it fits, and is endearing.

Zelie, thanks for your kind note.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

We went to the park yesterday and The Rose got to play with her Patrick. Afterwards they came to our house, because I had some books and collectible dolls for Patrick's Mama to take with her and list on Ebay. When they left, Patrick would not say good-bye to The Rose, though he did give a wave and a "Bye" to The Princess. Patrick was really just wanting to *go home* and did not want the fuss of good-byes... but The Rose was tickled pink. The reason being, when she does not want to leave her friends, she will not say good-bye... so she think's Patrick's refusal to tell her good-bye was evidence he didn't want to leave her. :)

Today I have been washing walls in the empty classroom/office which is to become the master bedroom. Hopefully we can get it painted this weekend, and then start work on the walls of the playroom, which is to become the bedchamber of She Who Triumphs. I picked Sherwin Williams "Springtime" for our master bedroom, and "Daybreak" for the other room. He Who Is Steadfast thinks they are the same color, but when they go up, he will see they are different. I think.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So Sorry

About the lack of posts...

Sunday night She Who Was Promised had a severe asthma attack and we were transported by ambulance to the ER, where we spent the night without sleep. We spent Monday recovering, and Tuesday was spent doing things we didn't do Monday.

Today I spent packing boxes and working in the yard. I should have prepped the walls of our bedroom for painting, but there is so much stuff in the dining room that needs to either be packed, stored, or gotten rid of... I just cannot bear it any longer. She Who Is Blessed and I also cleared out and packed up much of the playroom together.

Tomorrow we will go to the park, and *then* prep the walls for painting....

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Rose's Latest Plans

The Rose (4): There is a little bee in our garden. When we were at the campground and Papa and I went walking across the meadow, we saw lots of bees.

Mama (38): That was a pretty meadow wasn't it? With lots of wildflowers and green grass.

The Rose: Yes, I want a pretty garden when Patrick and I get married and have babies in our house with blue and yellow hearts on it. We can have a garden with green grass, no stickers. We can grow corn, and tomatoes... And sunflowers. No roses. Roses have stickers that stick the babies.

Our lawn is sunburned and burdened with stickers... at this time we can boast of no flowers, with the exception of roses. Do you suppose she wishes to wed simply to flee our unsightly garden? :)

I'm having a hard time not being pregnant

The last two times I had a 16 month old, I was seven months pregnant.

Some of you know we started trying for another baby 14 months ago... I like having them close... I like even numbers so that everyone has a playfellow...

Now, here I am, 14 months later on cycle day 10... She Who Was Promised (14) has been stoutly indicating that we could do with another baby, because She Who Triumphs (1) is not so willing to cuddle as much as she once was. The Rose (4) has been hinting we need another baby, because she likes babies. She misses sitting on my lap and having a baby kick her from inside my belly. My husband maintains that we need to "fix" the fact I'm not pregnant yet. Am I broken? I sure feel broken. In the past 14 cycles there were two miscarriage, and three other instances that Fertility Friend said my chances for pregnancy were excellent. Five great chances... and I'm not pregnant. I feel really broken.

A pregnancy and TTC board I post on has had several pregnancy proclamations this week. I have been very happy for all of them. I have had two cycle buddies in the past year who are both pg, and I am exceedingly pleased for each of them. I still feel broken. I also see two others on the board who feel "broken" and when I see their posts, I feel like sobbing for them too. But really, I am glad for those who are pregnant! I'm glad there aren't more of us "broken"... that would really cause me to lose all hope. Seeing some are "fixed", even some who gave up hope long ago, gives me hope!

I know this is an issue of faith. Sometimes it's so easy for me to lay back and say "if the Lord wills, it will happen" and other times I panic and think "but what if the Lord doesn't will it?"

What do I get this birthday boy???
She Who Triumphs amused herself with Hello Kitty's Cutie World on my laptop tonight. It was the first moment in time that I permitted her to utilize it (no qualms, it's underwritten to the hilt) and she was so delighted. She did not know what to do, but she took pleasure in gazing at the rose-colored display and the endearing kitty while clasping the mouse.

The Princess damaged no more than two possessions today. She decapitated The Rose's beloved ballerina Barbie and unraveled about 60 rows of a wool cushion I am... er... was... knitting. Otherwise, she has been simply charming.

The Rose is still planning to walk down the aisle with Patrick. She said they are going to get married when they are five and they will both be five in ninty-sixty-four hours. She said Patrick made a heart with their names in it, because he loves her. In point of fact, Patrick can't seem to commit The Rose's given name to memory... but that may change once they are married. In any case, they have not glimpsed each other in seven or eight months.... recollectons grow fainter.

I still do not know what to dig up for Dear Nephew Number One's birthday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

She Who Triumphs cries. :(

Using baby powder to get the sand off.

She Who Triumphs and Grandma

She Who Triumphs trying not to fall through the cracks

Monday, August 16, 2004

As of today, I'm going to try and blog more often

I will not tittle-tattle on the adolescents - I am convinced they do not want to be blogged.

My #1 nephew will be Eighteen on Friday. What would an Eighteen like? He is apprenticed to become a stuntman....

Sunday, August 15, 2004

My Crew at Calaveras