Sunday, October 16, 2005

Anne! Anne!

(just checking if you're paying attention, LOL)

I just stumbled across the neatest link featuring an old hand-written cookbook (older even than my great-grandmother's!)

I thought of Anne when I saw it, but it may be that others of you love to cook, too, and will enjoy it as well, so here's the link: Carrie Watkins Cook Book


Melanie said...

How neat! I liked some of the measurements given in the ingredients and measurements section ... butter the size of a walnut, butter the size of a goose egg, etc.

Anne said...

Oh this is so cool! Funny that Melanie mentioned the measurements-I just looked at a recipe of Grandma's that calls for butter the size of an egg!

Sorry I didn't see this until today :)

Hind's Feet said...

Oh Anne, I posted this before I heard about your grandmother. I don't blame you for not being out there reading blogs in times like these. ((hugs))