Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More goat pics (for mom)

Steadfast with Telly and her babies... Toby & Tulip

Telly. She's a really, really, really neat goat.
Very friendly. A people goat.

Tulip (L) and Toby (R)


truth said...

I can't see your pics.

Hind's Feet said...

Mmm... that's odd Joanne. I can see them. ?

Is anyone else having trouble seeing them? I uploaded them straight to blogger, but I can try uploading somewhere else and linking to them.

Katy said...

Awesome pics!!! I absolutely love the goats! I want to get some goats...but my hubby says no...He says they are too dirty (although, we have chickens...and THEY are dirty..LOL) Any tips on me persuasing him?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Awwwwe. SO cute!! Reminds me of my childhood! We had two little goats named Billy and Bobett! They are really fun!
These were a birthday gift for you? Happy Birthday and your husband must be very sweet.

Mobunny said...

When I get a farm, I'm going to get a bunch of rabbits, then I will get goats. I LOVE goats. They're nothing like dogs or cats. Well, maybe in some areas.

Hind's Feet said...

I think goats are nothing like dogs. Which is why I like them. And they are a lot like cats. Which is why I like them.