Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My birthday post for Joanne. :)

Yes, I had a lovely birthday, thank you. :) The goats were my birthday gift from Steadfast, along with 25 red roses. We went to Bob Evans for dinner. Bob Evans is an Ohio chain kind of like IHOP only a little bit better quality, in my humble opinion, and they have more choices. We almost had our favorite waitress, Amy, but they put another person on our table. She came by to chat afterwards, though, and that was nice. :) Jane gave me three rosewood crochet hooks that are ornately carved and just beautiful. They are part of a new line of rosewood crochet hooks & knitting needles at Hobby Lobby. Elizabeth gave me a large basket that is big enough to use as a small laundry basket or a large knitting basket. Mary gave me a smaller basket that would hold a nice loaf of bread. Catherine gave me a nice big candle that smells of apricot and spices. Lydia gave me a crochet book on afghans. Fanny & Bronwyn each gave me a coffee cup... one red, one blue. I may post a pic later. :)

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truth said...

Thank-you for sharing. Sounds like a lovely birthday. Now I am curious, are the goats for milk? The reason I ask is that goats milk is soooo expensive. My grandson can only have goats milk, but he loves ice cream. I would love to make him homemade ice cream from goats milk, but have not ventured to do it because of the cost.

So I was curious about your goats.