Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Un-neighborly Neighbor by Vicki Brady


Lori said...

Eek, that really makes you think!!

truevyne said...

I simply don't believe all parents can or should homeschool no matter how much they love and want to protect their children. On a homeschool loop to which I subscribe, a mom asked if she should fail her child in kindergarten homeschool, because she put him in at four years old and he can't do the work. YIKES! Hopefully, she took my advice to pass him so his records do not reflect failure, gave him developmentally appropriate work and re-register him for homeschool K next year.

Hind's Feet said...

On the other hand, True, you have cases where your public school fourth grader is getting straight A's and making honor roll... doing First grade work.

I had no idea Elizabeth was doing so poorly in math because of the grades she was bringing home. I said "but she got an A" and her teacher told me, "because she's doing First grade work and being graded as such."

Now when a proud public school parent tells me their son made honor roll, I have a really hard time believing they got it doing work at their grade level.

truevyne said...

You make a good point. Thank goodness you are a good teacher so you can pick up the slack of school. Other loving parents are not made, not built, can't even fake being teachers.

Hind's Feet said...

Neither can some teachers.

Children slip through the cracks in both systems, but I do firmly believe one system is better than the other, or I wouldn't be doing this.