Monday, December 19, 2005

Churches Closed for Christmas

(Rant on)

Oh, this is so silly. The church is supposed to be our family, so why not spend time with our church family on Christmas? Church lasts...what... 1-3 hours tops? There's still 21-23 hours left of Christmas Day to spend with other loved ones and family... what they really want is more time to spend with their STUFF.

"Should we open presents before or after church? If we open before... we won't have time to play. If we open after, we'll be too excited to concentrate on worship... I know, let's just nix the worship and get to the "important" STUFF."

It's not the "spending time with family" thing... but that sounds better. Somehow most of us are able to combine church and family on Easter... so why can't it be combined on Christmas? Oh yeah... it's not really the family they need time with... it's the STUFF.

As if today's "Church" needs more encouragement to be self-centered and narcissistic....

(Rant off)


Anne said...

Oh, I see. The reason why we go to church to begin with is suddenly not "the reason for the season" if it conflicts with our plans, huh?

That's a truly disheartening article to have read!

~m2~ said...

i think for those who are not planning on attending church (or in my case, Mass on even saturday evening) will be missing it on sunday and will realize something is amiss.

i talked to one girl i know about it and wow, was she ever defensive. if i am ever that defensive about something, i usually take a step back and examine it a bit to see if there is something in me that is not quite was an interesting conversation to say the least :)

Melanie said...

DH told me about the churches not having Christmas service. I find it hard to believe. We are celebrating CHRIST's birthday, after all! Not that we can't celebrate it at home, but come on! The article talks about needing so many people to put on such a massive celebration. Couldn't you just have the pastor preaching and having the congregation sing hymns instead of having something that requires many volunteers?

Lori said...

I think that describes the sad state of our nation these days.

Charlie said...

Good point on the time with the STUFF! What are the two thing different for Christians this day than any other day major point you hit on the head STUFF. And point two, people visiting. But come on now bring everyone for the hour or so to celebrate the Lord who has give something money can't buy.

God Bless and Merry Christmas


Jerry Propst said...

I fully agree with your concern. In fact, how is it that we are celebrating the Lord Jesus' birthday by staying away from the place where we typically meet together with him and other believers.

I also notice in most families that when they do get together, little attention is given to Jesus and much is given to stuffing and stuff.