Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Our new house sits on nearly 14 acres, and about 2/3 of it is wooded. I'm already dreaming of the perfect Charlotte Mason education for my littles.... complete with nature notebooks and reading under trees....

Any ideas on tick bite prevention?


Rachel said...

My husband is big into outdoor wooded activities, and we cut a lot of wood and do a lot of other things that put us at a pretty high risk for ticks. I have one word: DEET. It's better than Lyme disease (or, for that matter, West Nile). Also, wear boots, and tuck your pants into them military-style; or at least you can tuck your pants into your socks, eighties-style. ;) And long, snug-ended sleeves. Try to avoid actually crawling under brush, as that's how the deer ticks (which live in underbrush, are teeny tiny, and can carry Lyme disease) will usually find a host. Also, every evening after you've been in a tick-prone area, check each other over, crevices and all.

If you do get a tick in you, there's a sure way to remove it; you take hold of the body with pliers or tweezers and steadily pull it away from your body, with just enough pressure that your skin stretches outward just a small amount. It may take a minute or two, but the tick will let go and then you're not left with the head inside, which often happens with other methods. We had to do this not long ago for DH.

Hind's Feet said...

Thanks Rachel, this is exactly the kind of advice I need. I'm not afraid of DEET like I am ticks. ;o) DEET is actually one of the safest things out there, especially for kids. I don't know why it has a bad rap.

I bought the girls boots this week, and they've already started wearing them every time they go outside and they tuck their pants in, commando style, even though no one told them to do that, LOL, it's kind of cute. I guess we'll never be "dresses only" prairie muffins, hope as I might.

Field Trip Lady said...

I have heard many bad things about Deet, as in cancer-causing, poisonous, one of many horrible chemicals we expose our kids to. I'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all. What I am saying is - enlighten me!
I had heard some nasty things about nitrites and then found out that they really aren't as bad as I was told.

If Deet really isn't so bad, I'd love to hear how or why you know this. Thanks!

Hind's Feet said...

Pensive Wanderer, check out: http://www.deetonline.org/faq.php

Our pediatrician says it has been the safest, most effective insect repellent available for the past 40 years, and she considers it much, much safer than the risks associated with insect bites. I rarely trust doctors, but she is one I trust. ;o)

Of course, it should be used sparingly and responsibly, just as any chemical.

Ilona said...

this is Ohio, right?

Keep grassy areas mowed. The main time for ticks is the late spring. Check for them after going into areas you supect will be a problem. We usually have the large dog-ticks- even children can do self-checks. They aren't a problem if they don't attach.