Thursday, March 10, 2005

"We're not a family, we're a party." - Elizabeth, 13

Elizabeth and I watched with great interest an ad about a contest where they are seeking families to participate. "You can be any kind of family... families are wonderful and diverse, and they come in all kinds of ways and shapes... we're looking for all kinds of families to participate, just as long as it has no more than four members." If your family has more than four, you are disqualified from participating.

Elizabeth noted that companies don't seem to know what a family is anymore. She pointed out that if we go buy a readymade frozen "family size" meal in the grocery store, we need at least three packages, not one, and the "family size" lasagna barely feeds us. I remarked that was true, and that is why I purchase the party sized lasagna instead. I also mentioned that if we go out to a nice restaurant we are charged an extra gratuity because of the size of our "party". At this the teen lost her indignancy and collapsed on the floor in giggles.

"We're not a family, we're a party!"


Amy said...

I like her attitude! :)

A family having only 4 members...HA. That's just a starter set. :)

(no offence intended to anyone, I came from such a family and know many nice families like that)

tonia/sparrow said...

You have five girls? For some reason that sounds lovely to me. I think as a young girl I imagined myself with a house full of "Little Women." God gave me 3 boys and 1 girl instead...are girls as dirty as boys are? I don't think I've seen clean clothes or hands for a couple of years now. (uh oh, I'm starting to ramble...)
Hey! I just noticed you have me linked over there! Thank you! Please say hi when you visit sometime. (must stop talking...)
God bless!

thicket dweller said...

I love this sentiment! I hope you don't mind if we borrow it to describe our family, too. ;-)

MJ said...

As LDS, my little family of four is considered, a starter family too.

Nonetheless, I can still say that we, too, didn't know when to "stop" and draw a laugh.