Friday, October 07, 2011

What We Use for History & Geography

We follow up our Bible time with History, because we are currently using the Old Testament for our History spine and since we already have our Bibles out for Catechism, it's handy dandy and we're good to go!

We are currently in Ancient Egypt.  This is our third time through Ancient Egypt in our 11 years of homeschooling as I like to rotate through history from Ancient to Modern times and back again.  Each time through the children are at a different level and take away different things.  Along with the Bible I use a family study handbook by Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum called "Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt".  This handbook gives me ideas on how to expand our lesson with narration, suggests highlights to add to our timelines, and offers up some hands on activities to try.

Throughout our study of Egypt we also use the Oxford First Ancient History book, David Macaulay's enchanting book "Pyramid", and The Mystery of the Hieroglyphs, which is the story of the Rosetta Stone.  Some other books we enjoy are Boy of the PyramidsPharaoh's BoatPharaoh's of Ancient Egypt, and the Newbery Award winner The Golden Goblet.   Shortly after we read Pharaoh's Boat, NOVA broadcast their special Explore a Pharaoh's Boat, which largely followed the book and included online activities to complete the journey.

For the older girls I like to use Nancy E. Gantz' commentaries on the corresponding Old Testament book that we are reading.  With the younger girls I sometimes read our Bible history portion from Catherine F. Vos' The Child's Story Bible.

As for Geography (and Social Studies) I like A Child's Geography by Ann Voskamp with Tonia Peckover, Uncle Josh's Outline Maps (books and/or CD), and Then and Now Bible Maps.

Four books I leave laying around on the coffee table for the girls to look through from time to time are:

Peter Menzel's Material World,
and his Hungry Planet,
and What I Eat
and James Mollison's Where Children Sleep.

I feel these books give them some much needed perspective on the world we live in.

My next homeschool post will be about our Science and Nature Studies. :)

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I'm really enjoying these posts of yours about your family's school! Thank you.