Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's Lessons

This tickles me.  I "do school" with Fanny in the afternoons but often she doesn't want to wait that long, so she will quietly take her box of workbooks to the other end of the table and put herself to work.  Something just tugs at my heartstrings to see a four-year-old so studious.  :)

Yes, I did my nails while they were working on their workbooks.  Busted!  :D  And Elizabeth came home from out and about and brought me a Frappacino.  Don't worry, I didn't drink that big thing alone.  No sooner was it in my hand when Bronwyn was looking at it longingly saying "I sursty", and she was only the first one in line.  Yes, mamas must always share, mustn't we?  :)

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Lisa said...

Yes, we always do end up sharing! Guess it saves us some calories in the end too. My toddler inevitably ends up drinking a lot of my frappacino when I buy one.