Monday, May 12, 2008

A Gem of a Man

Yesterday in church, I nearly won both of my usual Mother's Day awards... the one for having the youngest baby, and the other for having the most children present. (I have not yet managed to snag the award for oldest mom, try as I might).

Our dear pastor awarded me my flower for baby Bronwyn, and proceeded to the next question of "which mom has more than four children here today?" and realized, half-way through, that I was headed for a second bloom. He said "does anyone here, besides The Dutch People, have seven children?" Nobody raised a hand. Then he said, "does anyone here have MORE than seven children?" Not one hand went up. THEN he said, a bit hopeless, "does anyone here WISH they had more than seven children?" - One hand shot up. One belonging to Steadfast. ;)

The pastor chuckled and gave Steadfast the second blossom.


truth said...

That man deserved the blossom. What a great story, but I still find it surprising that you are the biggest family and that nobody else raised their hand.

Hind's Feet said...

I know there are larger families than ours that attend churches... but I have no idea where those churches are.

We're also the only homeschoolers there, so people think we're really odd. :D

Teresa said...


I have been lurking for months....enjoying your sweet posts. We have 6 children...4 of our own and two adopted ones. I am hoping for another baby of our own, soon. I just think it is so precious that YOUR Very Own Husband was the one that raised his hand for more!

Blessings to you,

Teresa in Tennessee

Natalia said...

I totally agree. What a beautiful, actually tear-jerking story (though maybe that's due to hormones?). No, that is very very sweet. Don't tell him I said that!

Anonymous said...

He's a gem for sure. ;)

"Does anyone here, *besides The Dutch People*..." ROTFLOL!!


Hind's Feet said...

To be truthful, "Mamalama", he said our last name and not The Dutch People... just didn't want to post that on the World Wide Web... and you know... same diff... ;)

Anonymous said... am so simple. :O :)

Chas said...

That is too sweet! :D
I agree... I wish I had more children too! :D

Paula said...

Bravo to Steadfast! Your heart must have just turned over in your chest at that!

Melanie said...

WTG, Steadfast! Yes, he deserves that flower!

Melissa from HK said...

Oh I love it!! What a wonderful father!