Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Church signs revisited

A couple of weeks ago I drove to my dentist in The City and I saw a sign on a church that said:

If your Bible is in good shape, chances are you're not.

Yesterday while driving the same route for the same purpose, I saw a sign on a church a little further down the road that said:

If your Bible is worn out, chances are, you're in good shape. ;)

(And yes, the winky smiley was there too!)


truth said...

How true this is! Well, unless your very worn bible has dust on it. I have many I've completely worn out that were leather bound. Some of my paperback bibles have held up nicely. (I don't feel bad taping them back together, lol.)

truevyne said...

There are two churches on my way to most anywhere. The last memorable one said, "Sign broken. Come inside for details."