Friday, August 12, 2005

What should Hind's Feet use for PreK-K curriculum during this school year?
Weaver Interlock
Winter's Promise
Sonlight K
Rod & Staff
Other (please post suggestion in comments)


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Da-Niel said...

Hi! I hope it's okay that I voted in your poll. I surfed upon your blog through another homeschool mom's blog list. :) Anyway, I was just curious what Winter's Promise was. I'm not familiar with it. Always interested in looking at different stuff! Thanks!

thicket dweller said...

Have you looked at Ambleside? I'm planning to use year 0 for Sweetheart and Bard is planning to use the higher years. I also really like FIAR but always seem to use MUCH more than one week to cover each book!

Hind's Feet said...

I used Ambleside a few years ago, but had the same problem I had with Tapestry of Grace (no access to a library... gasp!)... however, our town is building a library now, so maybe...