Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thanks for the welcome back!

Yes, we're moved! We're still waiting for Steadfast's car which is somewhere in Kansas on a transport that broke down, but otherwise the move could not have been smoother! I love Ohio so far.

We're still unpacking, assembling furniture, scheduling doctors/dentists/DMV things... Jane & Elizabeth need dental work completed that was started in CA, and I have an impacted wisdom tooth. Here I am nearly 40 and that last one hasn't come through yet! I got one at 25, one at 30, and one at 35, so I guess I have a five year pattern established. I have found a doctor I'm very happy with so far, and he recommended a dentist his family has been happy with, so I guess I'll give him a call. I think that's the second hardest part about moving (after leaving loved ones behind)... Finding doctors, dentists and churches in your new home.

We have visited two churches so far, and we have not yet heard the pastor speak at either church. The first church was an American Baptist church where the pastor was gone to something school related (pursuing his Master of Divinity degree, I believe), and this past Sunday he would be gone at a Holy Spirit conference in Green Lake, so we visited the Assembly of God church, which we loved, except that Steadfast was uncomfortable with the elderly ladies laying on the floor crying and wailing during the prayer time. The pastor there did not speak, because they had a special kids program to kick off Vacation Bible School week. We will be visiting the Southern Baptist church this Sunday, then repeat the other two churches to see if we can catch their pastors. I have a feeling that the American Baptist church will end up being our home church. I actually want to visit all nine churches in town, but Steadfast thinks we should just stick to the first three "most likely to fit" churches. I have to admit, one church has some pretty harsh words every week up on it's outdoor message board (whatever you call those things... White signs with black letters where you can switch the letters around). OH! I think they're called "Church Signs"!! Anyway, the one church doesn't look like a warm fuzzy place to visit based on it's public messages. Now, I'm not looking to have my ears tickled, and I don't particularly need a warm, fuzzy church, but this one church sign is downright mean... I've seen three different messages on it, for three weeks, and they have not gotten any kinder. It's a big pretty building though... It sure is a pretty building...


~m2~ said...

congratulations on your move! how exciting!

you've got my curiosity picqued about what exactly the church signs say. i would probably go and sit in the back pew and listen to jonathan edwards, er i mean the pastor speak and see exactly what kind of message he or she is putting out there.

then i'd probably end up going where i felt most comfortable.

it's such a journey, isn't it?

Hind's Feet said...

Umm... it's not the Presbyterian church. ;) I could not remember the exact wording of the sign (and I wanted to quote it exactly) so I purposed to make note of it the next time I drove by, but they changed it to an invitation to Vacation Bible School... but I'm going to check what it says next week. ;)

Amy said...

Welcome back!!

Your kittens are adorable!

Congrats on your new home :)