Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Meme

I got this from Paula and Kathy

10 years ago: I was living in a three story row house on this street in the Dutch town of Dinteloord with Steadfast and our oldest two daughters, waiting for his American visa to get approved, so that we could move to the States.

5 years ago: We had recently moved into this house in California and were blessed with sweet baby Mary after nine barren years.

1 year ago: I was newly pregnant after a miscarriage... but lost that baby too.

Yesterday: We had a local pastor and his wife over for dinner and dessert (blackberry pies from our own blackberries!) and had a very enjoyable evening getting to know them.

Today: Had a very warm and lazy-daisy kind of Sunday in between searching high and low for a box (lost in the move?), popping Catherine's dislocated toe back into place (tricycle accident) and cleaning the pool.

Tomorrow: Laundry, cleaning, homeschool planning for Mary & Catherine, registering Jane & Elisabeth at the local high school (waaahh!), and hopefully swimming.

5 snacks I enjoy: Mike-sells Puff Corn, watermelon, tiny baby carrots (sweet!), almonds, and a crisp, juicy apple.

5 things I would do with a $100,000,000: Buy my sister a house near me, by my parents a house near me, and bring my in-laws over from Europe for regular visits (if I can get that French SIL to set foot on American soil)... and maybe take a trip to some place tropical & warm (did I spend it all already?).

5 locations I’d like to run away to: Moorea, Tahiti, Suriname, and for the other two I'd like to stay right here.

5 bad habits I have: Not exercising enough, eating too much, wanting to sleep late on weekends (really late), procrastinating, and speaking Hokey (not exactly half sentences, .but half thoughts)

5 things I like doing: Sitting on the porch during a thunderstorm, stopping by woods on a snowy evening, reading, sewing and baking from scratch.

5 things I would never wear: High heels, a "tummy top", thong underwear, a girdle, and a nose ring.

5 TV shows I like: Monk, Divine Design, The 4400, The O'Reilly Factor and Judging Amy.

5 biggest joys at the moment: Sunshine, playing the piano, happy children playing peacefully, kittens scampering about, and the view from my window.

5 favorite toys: My oven, my kitchen-aid mixer, my piano, my sewing machine and my knitting needles.


Kathy said...

Wow Heather I didn't know your girls were going back to public school. Has that always been the plan once you got moved? Your new property looks so lovely:-)

Hind's Feet said...

No, it wasn't always the plan. It was recently decided, so that's why you didn't know yet. ;) DH thinks that they need to go for socialization since we've moved to a more isolated area. :( He's still letting me homeschool the younger ones.

Oh, waaah, Kathy, I feel near tears. I know they'll be okay, and if it doesn't work out in public school, they can always come home again, but I still feel sad about it. :( Now that we're out in the woods I was really looking forward to doing nature notebooks and stuff. Which, of course, I *can* do with the younger ones... but I really like having my older ones around... they're just neat people.

Kathy said...

Oh ((((HUGS))) Heather. I'm saying a prayer for you, that it all goes according to His plan and that you feel at peace with how it all works out.