Monday, June 20, 2005

Should a dog bed cost more than a BMW?

Something just seems so wrong to me, when there actually are starving children in Africa. I'm not saying this dog bed is that expensive, but such dog beds do exist... as do clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, and day spas.... solely for the "pleasure" of our pets. Don't get me wrong... I'm obviously all for capitalism... having come to America 10 years ago ourselves with just the clothes on our backs... and now being able to purchase a home on acres and acres for an insane amount of cash (something, I assure you, we could never have accomplished in Europe)... but watching Paris purchase her pampered pooch a $25,000 necklace collar does make one wonder if that $25,000 could possibly be better spent... especially when one's dog can't tell a Harry Winston treasure from a flea collar.

Okay, I've got boxes to pack. I don't have time to sit here stunned...

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