Friday, May 08, 2009


These are socks my friend, Lida, knit and sent to me so that I could copy the pattern. They are newborn size, so small on Bronwyn, but I am thinking of making them for a friend who is due to have a baby soon, and stretched out like this it's easier to see the pattern.

So, what do you think, Robin? Is it too girly? Or would it work for both a boy or a girl? :D Oooh, have boy-girl twins (again!), then I can make one patterned like this for the girl, and one plain for the boy... both in the same "sahara" color, so kind of matchy-matchy, but not. :) If you click on the photos, you should be able to see more detail on the socks. But remember, they won't be that stretched out on a newborn... look at the photo where Bronwyn has them loose in her hand for a better idea of how they'd look unstretched. :)

But remember, I don't knit as nice and tidy as Lida does. I've had less practice. :)


Persuaded said...

oh my gracious... here i sit. plumb overwhelmed by the cute-ness...


Mamalama said...

socks? socks???
i don't see any socks.
all i see is an absolutely deLICOUS little baby girl!

Hind's Feet said...

Thanks for the helpful input Robin. :D

Anyway, moot point, since now I know what you're having, I know what socks you're getting. :D

Mrs. Bee said...

too cute!!!!!!

Jenni said...

OH she is SO stinkin' cute...and the socks are really beautiful too!

Kristin said...

Aw, Heather, she is adorable! I thought I'd come by and say "hi." Nice to see pictures of your girls.