Monday, August 11, 2008

She was bemused by the camera... she kept leaning to look around it to smile at me, so of course all the smiling shots show only half of her face.
She is so incredibly snuggly. Every time she reaches up her round little arms, wanting to be picked up, my heart melts into a puddle and I can never refuse. :)


Miranda said...

Look how big she is getting! I love her little chin, I bet it gets nibbled on lots.

bzmama said...

she is toooooo yummy! ah pretty!

Natalia said...

Her little curls are starting! Just adorable.

Mamalama said...

Oh my goodness, I'm pretty sure I need to snuffle that little neck. And those curly-locks, too. *sniiiiifff* ahhhhhhh! :D

Chas said...

OH.... she is just PRECIOUS!!!!!!!
So sweet!

Kristi said...

She is just beautiful, Heather!
Much love,