Wednesday, July 09, 2008

#1 Nephew

Here is my #1 nephew.

Not number one because he's my favorite, because I can't have favorites, but because he's the very first nephew I ever had. He is the kind of nephew you look at and your heart swells and you think "what a good kid he is!" because he really is a good kid and the apple of his aunties' eyes. I can't find a single fault with him at all. Except, maybe, the fact that he climbs to really high places, which doesn't do my heart a bit of good.

He will be 22 next month. Wow. And I still remember a 2 yo with a little noggin head (that he couldn't reach the top of with his little hands, by the way), who would clean up his toys to make his mommy come home from work.. after all, when she'd call to say she was on her way, we'd say "let's pick up the toys Jeff" and when we did that, there she'd be! So when he thought it was time for her to come (even if it wasn't) he would start cleaning...

He's still good at cleaning.

And I remember him sitting next to me in his car seat on a rainy drive, staring at me while I chanted "I'm the vindow viper and I come to vipe your vindows!". He was such a serious little guy. You could never tell if you were entertaining him or scaring him.

But he's learned to smile since then. ;)

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Anne said...

How sweet! He sounds like he'll be the perfect husband some day!