Monday, June 02, 2008

Better Late Than Early?

I love reading things that provoke my thoughts... Delayed Academics: Key to Preventing Learning Problems

While on the topic of education, we got the results back from our State testing this week...

Jane scored in the 93%ile for 11th grade.

Mary in the 99%ile for 2nd grade.

And Catherine, in 1st grade, scored 90%ile for Reading and 93%ile for Mathematics... apparently she got a little bit bored and started answering silly answers for (her own) entertainment's sake... and divided the little bubbles in thirds, and fourths and halves and colored them in a fraction at a time... and put little dots in them and played dot-to-dot before coloring them in fully... and took longer than necessary coloring some of them in while chanting "heavy and dark, heavy and dark, heavy and dark, heavy and dark"... but ah well... she will be emotionally a bit older next year. :)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jane and Mary!

and ROFL at Catherine!!! :D

"heavy and dark, heavy and dark, heavy and dark..."