Friday, March 14, 2008

'Catherine' and 'Fanny'

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truth said...

What precious girls you have!

Anonymous said...

Well, she took the words right out of my mouth! :D

and what an awesome rocker, is it a family piece?

Mother to only five girls so far. ;)

Melanie said...

Such beautiful girls! Bronwyn reminds me a bit of Fanny at that age.

Hind's Feet said...

Yes, it's been in the family at least 3-4 generations. It was once covered in red velvet... Steadfast had it re-covered for my 40th birthday. :)

Hind's Feet said...

Melanie, you see that too? I think think their faces are a lot a like, but I think weight/lengthwise that Fanny is one of our "R" types (tall & lanky) and Bronwyn may be one of our "E" types... (short & rounded). Fanny was just 20 lbs at her 15 month Well Baby check-up, but she's above average for height, while Bronwyn, at three weeks, is already a good 10 lbs (up 1.5 lbs from her birthweight!)

Leah said...

What precious little girls! I'm a mama to 3 boys so far and we're expecting another baby in November.

And I love the rocker, too. It looks so comfy!

Could you share how to make the paper stars in your window?! I remember seeing them for the first time at Jewels' blog, Eyes of Wonder. Oh, how I wish her blog was still open to the public!