Saturday, February 09, 2008

Easy baby socks

If you can knit & purl, you can make these great socks in an evening or two. For many beginning knitters, turning the heel of a sock is the biggest challenge if you are a visual learner and find written patterns confusing. Amy at has a great video that shows you step by step how to turn the heel here under "Advanced Knitting Techniques". She uses this free pattern: North Country Cotton Baby Socks. For my socks (above) I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease® worsted weight yarn in Avocado (80% acrylic, 20% wool) on size 5 (US)/3.75mm double-point needles. I prefer bamboo or wood needles for knitting "in the round" as they grip the yarn a bit and stitches are less apt to slip off. They fit size 6-12 months.
For the second pair of socks I used Lily® Sugar 'n Cream Stripes in Natural (100% Cotton) on size 4 (US)/3.5mm double-points.


Anonymous said...

oh, those are so sweet!
i can't wait to see Baby's little tootsies--in or out of her new booties! :)


Hind's Feet said...

Nella is wearing them first. :D

I'm making a smaller pair for the new baby... also from the "avocado" wool.... I'll post pics when I'm done.

truth said...

I wish I'd found this last night. I haven't knit anything in at least a year or more. Michael and I were going to watch a movie and I didn't want to just sit there. I hunted down my needles and to my horror I got rid of most of my yarn.

I found some white baby yarn and some Sugar n creme cotton yarn. I went online to find a pattern and ended up making booties. My kids wanted to know if it was wishful thinking making booties. Michael said, "well, before your mom dies, I'm sure she will have at least one more grandchild."

Praying you have a wonderfully restful day, and a delightfully perfect delivery tomorrow. Sending a big hug too! Will anyone update your blog on you and baby?

Hind's Feet said...

Hi Joanne - the baby isn't "ripe" so the c-section has been postponed. :) My OB said she'll call tomorrow with a new game plan. I *might* have internet in the hospital. Last time with Nella, the first room I had there didn't have internet, but the second room they moved me to picked up wi-fi from the coffee house across the road. If not, maybe Michelle can post a note on the LOK blog or maybe my friend Adrienne would be willing to post it on hers (The Ladybug's Soapbox in my links on the right). I will be calling her as soon as I'm situated in my room after the babe arrives.

I meant to post the sock post a week ago, and should have! Sorry about that. :) Booties are fun, too, though.

Dawn said...

Those are just the sweetest!
What a blessing to have a family of daughters....
Love their names!!

Hind's Feet said...

Thanks Dawn! They're not their real names, though, and I'm thinking of re-naming them. :) The first five I "named" after the five Bennet sisters in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.... then daughter #6 came along, and I added Fanny (from Austen's Mansfield Park)... but now #7 is due to arrive I'm thinking maybe I'll rename them after the Seven Virtues or something. :)

I always thought your blog name meant you were often up that late knitting or sewing and that all your projects were the results of late nights. (Like mine are... :D)

truth said...

Oh, thanks for the update on baby. Keep us updated so we can be holding you up in prayer. Now I'm off to try the socks! Oh, and where did you get the bamboo needles? I sometimes have a problem with slipping on the dp needles.

Jenn (nosewiper) from TOK, her daughter came through here and stayed a couple of nights in January. She knit me a dish cloth that is much too pretty to be a dishcloth. So it sits at my computer for my coffee mug. Here is the link:

Hind's Feet said...

That is too pretty to be a dishcloth!

I've had a hard time finding bamboo needles in the sizes I want. I have found some at Hancock Fabrics, but one or two sets I had to order online at - the ones I use are the Takumi needles by Clover ( )

Dot said...


The socks are great! I am stuck on my socks, because I am at the heel turn - go figure!

Wishing you the best for your delivery. I will be checking back often.