Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sometimes our prayers are for deliverance from conditions which are morally indispensable--that is, conditions which are absolutely necessary to our redemption. God does not grant us those requests. He will not because He loves us with a pure and implacable purpose: that Christ be formed in us. If Christ is to live in my heart, if his life is to be lived in me, I will not be able to contain Him. The self, small and hard and resisting as a nut, will have to be ruptured. My own purposes and desires and hopes will have to at times be exploded. The rupture of the self is death, but out of death comes life. The acorn must rupture if an oak tree is to grow.

--Elisabeth Elliott

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Rebeca said...

my name is Rebeca and i'm 24 years old. i live in Spain. i found your blog through a search in google. i wrote "i want to be a housewife" and then i clicked. sometimes you need a little help from the outside world.
i was amazed when i read you have seven daughters. i know you know how lucky you are. i'm sure you think about it everyday. i just needed to comment and tell you that it's wonderful, the life you are building for your daughters and how important it is to have such a good mother as you seem to be.

i just wanted to say this, that it is beautiful, the life you have and that i hope someday i can have something similar. if i work hard, if i put my heart into it.

thank you for making me believe. (i'm so glad there are good people in this world, making such an effort to raise our children and make them happy)

take care.