Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baby Wearing

Tonight we were invited to a Super Bowl party, and rather than letting Fanny sit in a corner in her car seat somewhere, I decided to "whip up" a sling this afternoon. I have to say I *love* this sling, and Fanny does too! It's a tube sling pattern, also known as a pocket or pouch sling. I made it out of some Malden Mills fleece I had left-over from diaper sewing. The fleece is flexible, but snug, and cradles her just right. I can lay her deeper in the pocket, or sit her up so she can see the world, and it holds her snugly in place. The pattern I used can be found here: Jan Andrea on the Web


Jenni said...

Oh that just looks SOO sweet and snuggly! Good job (on the baby AND the sling)!

Did you mean my mom's first name was dutch, or her second? Her first name (Mollien) was always thought to be French (her mom's maiden name was Prud'homme if that tells you just how *very* French they are)...and her last name (Koenig) is King in German, which is what the other parts of my ancestry are.

I'm almost completely French and German/Hungarian, with the former being 1/4 and the latter more like 3/4.

Annnnyway, thank you for the compliments!

Melanie said...

She looks so cute and cozy! Kiss! Kiss!

Brandi & the Zandi's said...

Oh my goodness, she look so sweet!! What an adorable picture!

Jody said...

Ahh! She looks so very cozy!

I love using a sling. Mia is almost 3 now, and still asks to be carried in one from time to time. I will be sad when she is too big!

Holly said...

What lovely pictures!! And a BEAUTIFUL baby! I enjoyed your blog today.