Friday, April 21, 2006

Name polls

The name polls are finally updated with new names. ;) Please post comments and opinions here.


truevyne said...

Dear Hinds,
I love all the boy names. The girl names I like all but Phoebe- because of the ditzy girl on the tv show Friends years ago.

~m2~ said...

it strikes me hard when i find this post and realize i did not know you were expecting -- how involved in my own life have i become?

my sincere congratulations for a wonderful confinement :) if you need any assistance in delivery, i'm your girl!

your name choices are wonderful - i have a daughter named Molly so you know how i voted there, but loved Chloe and Claire. very lovely.

i am sure whichever you choose, they will be blessed by God. (did not see Benjamin on there, which is another name of a child o' mine, as well as James, which is currently in the lead, by the way...)

truth said...

I had to vote on names too. How are you feeling? I am still so excited for you.

Melanie said...

I love, love, love the name Ephraim. William (nn Will) is another favorite. I voted for Isaiah, too, but it's getting so popular.

My bro and SIL who are expecting in July are naming their baby girl Molly. You and I sure like lots of the same names ... those classic/traditional and Biblical names. Such great taste you have! ;)

Gretchen said...

I wanted to vote for Katie, but as a nn for Kathleen. It was my mom's name, and is my neice's name. :-)

Better Full... said...

I like just Liam, skip the Wil part.

Dot said...

I like Henry, Elliot then Carter. For Leo, we tossed around Ethan and Elliot.

How is the pregnancy going? Are you feeling any better? I bet the girls are really excited about the baby!!!


Julie M. said...

Sorry I'm late for this, but congratulations!

Carol G said...

My nephew is Carter, and I personally like James (Jamey), Matthias and Isaiah.

I didn't really care for Catherine because it is overused. I think Molly is cute, but I already have an Elly (Eliana), so I couldn't use both too easily. I voted Molly anyway, because I liked it the best of the list.

I wish I had seen your last list. I have 3 girls and am expecting #4 this fall (Nov 1).