Thursday, September 29, 2005

Can anyone identify these? They're gone as soon as the sun shines on them.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The ripe fields are scattered in eddies of gold
On the verge of the forest that’s kindling apace;
And the orchards that dapple the wide-spreading wold,
Through their loopholes of leaves — as we pause to behold —
Flash their beautiful, festival lamps in our face.

And the amber, coned pear, with the peaches flushed ball,
And the sunny-cheeked apple that’s crimsoned all o’er
Blends with the pleiads of grapes that in purple showers fall
Over many a green-muffled trellis and wall,
With a thousand bright fancies and dreams at their core.

—James M’Carroll

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The test

I took the test with 45 questions because it said the most questions would be the most accurate. I retested with 27 questions, and got the same result. I think I get Hussein because I am truly not afraid of confrontation. When I took the test with 18 questions I get this result, which I like better (with 9 questions I become JFK):

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Notes and illustrations on Regency clothing styles (with 1895 Charles E. Brock illustrations for Pride and Prejudice)

Pride & Prejudice

Opening tomorrow in theatres!!!

View trailers here

Of course, with MIL here, I can't go see it. Even without her here, I couldn't go see it (no babysitter), but the sooner it's in theatres, the sooner I can rent it on PayPerView. :) WhooHoo!!

Sun Prints

We made the hand prints using a Sunprint kit from the University of California's Lawrence Hall of Science (in Berkley). You can order them online here: Sunprint Kits

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sun Prints

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

When Did Parents Stop Being Right?

Every time I read Betsy Hart's column I just want to stand up and applaud.

Granny Robert's So Good Meals

I have in my possession a collection of recipes that my great-grandmother began about 100 years ago. It was passed down to her daughter... my paternal grandmother (b.1899), and then on to my aunt (b. ca. 1921). It's pages are filled with handwritten recipes, newspaper & magazine clippings, and other recipes written in the handwriting of neighbors, friends and family. I will be sharing it's contents here, in my great-Granny Robert's So Good Meals blog.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Make your own poem...

I found this at Kimberley's Blog and she found it somewhere else. ;o) Finish each sentence to create your own bit of poetry.

I am
I wonder
I hear
I see
I want
I am

I pretend
I feel
I touch
I worry
I cry
I am

I understand
I say
I dream
I try
I hope
I am

Here's mine:

I am weary
I wonder what the dog is barking at
I hear her barking
I see nothing in the darkness
I want her to be quiet and let me sleep
I am weary

I pretend to be strong
I feel so weak
I touch Catherine's damp forehead
I worry that she's been sick
I cry tears of hopelessness
I am so far behind in getting this house in order

I understand this too shall pass.
I say "be strong, and of good courage"
I dream that I am not afraid
I try not to be
I hope I can be strong
I am so weary.

Sometimes we homeschoolers....

We scoff at other homeschoolers who used packaged or "canned" curriculum, but at the same time we're hovering around homeschool message boards or listening to other moms conversing at our local homeschool group, hoping to pick up ideas on what curriculum is popular, what works... Then we, as a group, latch on to certain things like Math U See or Saxon and when something new comes along, we resist it, because it's not tried and true. Sometimes taking the path most traveled is akin to purchasing canned curriculum. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not against canned. Sometimes canned is a perfect fit for a family... Especially, perhaps, a large family where the mom just does not have the time to sit down and follow rabbit trails, sampling this and that.

I'm sure my point isn't coming across... The guest room is ashambles and my mother-in-law is arriving tomorrow from the Netherlands, and I need to make a run to the city for supplies as well, so both a chore list and a shopping list are running through my head as I try to type this... ;o) My point is, that we really shouldn't scoff at those who use "canned" because what Charlotte Mason homeschooler doesn't have Fabre's Book of Insects or Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study on their shelf, or at least their wish list? Isn't that akin to canned if we all have the same thing? Again, don't get me wrong... I think every homeschooler should have copies of Fabre and Comstock on their shelves. ;o) But sometimes we do need some fresh ideas that have a hard time making it onto our wish list of "tried and true" because our time and resources are limited... After all, we don't have public funding and our taxes are paying public schools, not our own schools. ;o) So with all that rambling I bring you an excellent link of fresh ideas, especially for the joy of Charlotte Mason types, prepackaged for your perusal: MacBeth's Opinion (I especially love the high school science suggestions!)

Now I'm off to concentrate on finding missing pillowcases that match the bedding on the guest bed... And making a shopping list... Dish soap... Milk.... Scrubbing Bubbles flushable bathroom wipes... And where is that dustpan? I'm sure Steadfast had it in the garage....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Classic Alphabet Wall Cards

...available at one of my favorite online shops: Pokkadots

Homeschooling again...

After a brief stint in our one and only available public high school, we have brought our older two home again with the blessing of the principal, no less, who had spoken with the guidance counselor. Together they concurred that I had obviously done a excellent job thus far and had absolutely no worries about taking them out, knowing that I was seeking to do the best for my children and that I would accomplish that. Whew. And I had worried that once they were "in the system" we were asking for trouble if we pulled them out again. California school districts are often quite hostile towards homeschoolers.

So, we started school again yesterday. It feels so good!