Thursday, July 29, 2004

I watched Amish in the City tonight as it premiered... I cannot believe how uncouth the English were. Though, it is very comparable to how The Youth Group treats my girls, merely because they are educated at home. They are the resulting product of public schools, trapped in their minuscule boxes, expecting all humanity should likewise fit in the self-same diminutive package.

The show began with a gay boy droning on about how he wished people would just accept gay people for who they are... then the cameras revealed him whining and running away from a bedroom because he had to share it with those Amish (No Way!)... Later on he began talking of how the Amish attire *had* to go, and that the Plain folk were in calamitous need of makeovers. Accept people for who they are? How true. Practice what you preach, boy-o.

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