Friday, October 31, 2003

I've been hanging around the wrong crowd, obviously, and I'm world weary.

I can handle that "friends" think I'm wrong to have more than three kids. I can handle they think I'm being too trendy by homeschooling. I'm not sure I can handle that they think I'm wrong to be a SAHM just because everyone should contribute to taxes and by staying at home I'm being a drain on society. They don't even think I'm doing my kids a favor by staying home??? They think it's unhealthy to be with kids so much and that it's healthier to work away from home. Needless to say these are "friends" with only one or two kids who have brilliant careers and don't "have" to work, but chose to... and think they're parenting just as much, even better, than I am.

What is going on with society??? Why isn't it okay to live a June Cleaver existence if I'm happy with it?? They seem to think because I want a life like this, that I'm automatically judging them for not chosing the same path. What makes them so defensive? Do they feel guilty or something that they need to justify what they do by trying to tear me down?

Does anyone know of a small town full of old fashioned families? I don't belong in this one where one income families are a bane on society and having more than two kids is selfish... because you can't possibly have time for more than two... and why not? Oh yeah... because I'm supposed to be working...

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